Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

A pre-shampoo treatment is often a forgotten step. But once you introduce it regularly into your routine it becomes second nature.

Elasticizer is an award winning  conditioning treatment for the hair.  Perfect for hair that’s thirsty with need of hydration and a must for coloured or chemically treated hair. Philip Kingsley originally created it for his client Audrey Hepburn as she wanted something moisturising and keep her hair in good condition with the constant styling on movie sets.

It’s suitable for all hair types. Although a thick cream it does not weigh the hair down.

It available in 2 versions. Elasticizer and Elasticizer Extreme for Afro-Carribean hair. I have tried both and been happy with the results.  I apply to my hair once a week before i shampoo my hair.


Before shampooing, apply a generous dollop to damp hair. cover hair with plastic cap provided. I also cover the plastic cap with a  towel turban for extra insulation (heat activates the ingredients more).  Directions say to leave on a minimum of 20 mins. I leave it for at least 30 mins if not longer. Rinse out and follow with usual shampoo and conditioner.

The original formula is unscented but they have  several  fragrance versions that I’m looking forward to trying. These include Geranium & Neroli, Coconut Breeze which I’m looking forward to trying.

Available in different sizes and fragrances.


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